Community Develpment  
Regional Development

Unite resources to stimulate regional economic development by marketing the region, convening resources and supporting collaboration through economic competitiveness, talent development, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Promote the region, retain and attract thriving businesses, align regional talent development resources and initiatives, and support innovation and entrepreneurship to inspire continuous improvement in our region’s economic vitality.

Guiding Principles - Centergy leverages investors’ financial resources and voluntary time guided by the following principles:

  • Collaboration:  Leverage the resources across the region; work across municipal boundaries to do what is in the best interest of the entire region
  • Competitiveness:  Position Central Wisconsin as a leader in key industry sectors; grow from within model
  • Consensus:  Bring clarity of vision of priorities

Executive Summary

  • Enhancement of organizational structure and region through Leadership, Research and Marketing and support ongoing performance feedback, accountability throughout the organization and transparency to stakeholders
  • Economic expansion through Business Development focused on targeted industries to retain, expand attract and innovate
  • Environment enrichment through Community Development which enhances the region’s quality of place, infrastructure, sustainability and government relations
  • Employment through Workforce Development to attract, develop, connect training, and encourage educational attainment

Organizational Enhancement

  • Align regional strategies with Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and execute WEDC’s base level and tool deployment strategies
  • Increase private sector investment by 20% over 2011 actual
  • Host regional leadership events to include a spring summit, bi-annual Executive Council sessions, quarterly economic indicator forums, quarterly board meetings, monthly Economic Development Council meetings, and committee meetings as needed
  • Align local economic development and workforce strategies into regional vision
  • Connect with State, National, and International organizations for prospect leads

Business Development

Advanced Manufacturing                                                                                                          

  • Seek new resources and opportunities for manufacturing companies through expanded supply chain strategies
  • Work with area technical colleges and manufacturers in the region to market Gold Collar Careers with the goal of promoting careers in Advanced Manufacturing
  • Expand Manufacturing Alliance with the goal of assessing  the needs of our regional manufacturing companies to aid in company growth ; ID areas where local businesses can add value/products/supplies to regional companies – Working with Grow North   
  • Recruit manufacturing companies to sizeable vacated paper mill locations
  • Support local chambers’ efforts at metal fabrication trade show in Twin Cities
  • Evaluate Foreign Trade Survey results to establish global trade office in Centergy region with WEDC  
  • Expanding “Converting Influence” initiatives in Northeastern WI/New North  to Central Wisconsin paper related companies
  • Host annual manufacturing event with Grow North
  • Co-host Manufacturing First event with New North to link local companies to military contracts

Bio-Science Strategies (Includes Energy, Agriculture, Food Processing, Paper and Forestry & Medical Science)

  • Financially support WI Wind Works/New North, and to technically support regional companies in their involvement in the consortium  
  • Coordinate regional presence of agricultural/alternative energy at Midwest Renewal Energy Fair  
  • Support local chambers’ efforts at Bio2012 Trade Show in Boston
  • Participate in Bio-Forward , biotech trade shows, and WISMEF to recruit bio-based companies/talent to the region    
  • Lead discussions with area healthcare and higher educational providers to standardize the process of accepting healthcare students into workplace learning environments, coordinate healthcare talent recruitment event                 

Entrepreneurship Strategies    

  • Expand the sources of risk capital in the region through Centergy  Investment Partners    
  • Promote the utilization of the region-wide revolving loan fund, goal to add 3 more counties to the established 4 through CWED 
  • Improve Central Wisconsin business climate through legislative action to encourage the development of entrepreneurial activity                 
  • Establish regional approach to seek state, federal, and private economic development  funding for new business development     
  • Keep current electronic Business Resource Guide on Centergy’s website
  • Maintain access/Data Mine to Executive Pulse throughout the region to assist in identifying business trends based on formal business retention visits established under the chambers                 
  • Transition to new sites/buildings and prospect submittal software; train chambers/real estate professionals
  • Establish and train local professionals on as standard, state-supported CRM
  • Launch Competitive Ready Assessment across region to increase business prospects

Community Development

Quality of Place

  • Distribute regional quality of place marketing piece for business/talent expansion and recruitment
  • Promote local quality of place campaigns

Infrastructure Strategies                                                                                                                                               

  • Expand efforts to maintain and grow the physical infrastructure                     
    • Central WI Airport                                                                                
    • Road systems and bridges (Hwy 13 from Marshfield to Hwy 29, Hwy 34 from Wisconsin Rapids to Hwy 10;
    • Hwy 54 bypass/new bridge construction, completion of Hwy 10 from Marshfield to Junction City) 
    • Lead PSC appointed committee to address broadband deployment across region        
  • Host annual “Best Practices in Sustainability” conference In conjunction with MREA Energy Fair                 

Government Relations Strategies                                                                                                                             

  • Coordinate annual Central Wisconsin Days to promote regionally significant projects that need state and/or federal support and advocate for government support that advances both the State’s and Centergy’s Plan of Action
  • Coordinate Municipal Leaders meetings with local elected officials to discuss Centergy’s initiatives and to encourage Intergovernmental cooperation
  • Coordinate Legislative Council meetings with State and Federal representatives with Centergy Board

Workforce Development  

Pre K-12-

  • Work through existing Partners in Education and Employment Councils within local chambers and Junior Achievement to encourage careers in key industry sectors and address employment skill gaps     
  • Launch ‘soft skills’ training curriculum

Higher Education 

  • Be the clearing house for development of new curriculum  for region
  • Coordinate higher education initiative discussions to reduce redundancy

 Incumbent Worker  

  • Expand Creative Council’s social networking to  (leadership/policy advocacy/community enrichment) to attract and retain young talent
  • Work with NCWWDB to have a sampling of businesses certify their existing workforce on Work Keys through sector grants
  • Monitor results of Healthcare Workforce Sector training grant, part of grant convener team for advanced manufacturing, IT, logistics, and green grants
  • Partner with NCWWDB in Department of Labor On the Job Training Grant for Healthcare Workers