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Inspire Central Wisconsin
Today, it is more important than ever to thoughtfully explore personal passions and interests to enhance career options. Inspire, by Career Cruising works as a Cloud based software product to link students with community mentors potential and employers. This offers students a real world look at jobs and careers that exist in their region. The goal of Inspire is “to bring career decision makers and local employers together to help individuals achieve their career goals and address workforce development needs of our community.”


Let’s face it, our economy is changing dramatically and our workforce is contracting….there is a disconnect with the jobs that exist today and our K-12 schools as well as post-secondary training. We’ve wondered about the best way to connect the “dots”, what we teach, with what employers want and need.

Inspire helps by using the Career Cruising platform that is used in many schools, to help students explore their options, interests and aspirations through a variety of activities. The Inspire program then provides a platform that engages community volunteers that act as mentors, business owners that provide valuable educational and career data. Eventually the object is to add work based learning through career fairs, shadow days, mentoring and apprenticeships. An important fact is that this program can level the playing field by providing people of all backgrounds, in all areas of the state, equal access to mentors and relevant employers.

As community members, we see a dizzying variety of programs and services, educational, and social. The Inspire program may provide a platform for multiple programs, service and business information to be accessible to a wider audience. Local leaders invest in programs that make their communities stronger in the long run.