The Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin has been home to extensive agricultural activity since its earliest days. Our area’s fertile ground drew eager farmers, who were quickly followed by companies that processed the inputs they produced. Today, our counties support international food and beverage leaders, among them Kraft Foods, Ocean Spray, Del Monte, and Foremost Farms. And Wisconsin ranks number one in production of nearly all cheeses, which comes as no surprise when you realize that the Centergy Region’s 103,000 dairy cows produce more than 2 billion pounds of milk annually.

Local farms grow much of the nation’s cranberries, apples, strawberries, potatoes, peas, cabbage, and snap beans, and raise plenty of poultry and beef. That’s why it’s no wonder that we’ve been able to attract facilities that process cheese and milk products, packaged meats, pickles, beans beer, frozen fruit, fruit juices, potato products, packaged peas and sweet corn, and many others. We’ve also been able to capitalize on the national trends for farm-to-table dining and prepackaged meals.

Companies in the food and beverage industries will find the resources they need here. For example, Marshfield Food Safety, a division of ALS, provides an extensive array of food and nutritional testing services. In addition, our region offers enough fresh water for the biggest processors, Class A wastewater handling, affordable utilities, and highway and rail connections that ensure affordable delivery of ingredients and shipping of finished products.

If your company is focused on helping to feed the world, or supporting those who do, you’ll be both a welcome addition to and a natural fit for our region.

Our five-county region is home to numerous companies