The Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin has long been a center of innovation in healthcare, biomedical science, and other aspects of the life sciences sector. For decades, our five-county region has been home to scientists and researchers exploring new frontiers in medicine, animal health, and human genetics, among others. Companies in those sectors can draw upon the expertise of their peers, as well as a workforce with the knowledge and qualifications to address the complexities of this critically important field.

For example, Marshfield is home to the Marshfield Research Institute of the Mansfield Clinic which performs clinical research in agricultural health and safety, epidemiology, human genetics, and biomedical informatics, and provides integrated laboratory services to support physician and scientist investigators, including biostatistics, protocol and grant preparation, and research publication and core laboratory support. And since 1981, the National Farm Medicine Center has explored occupational issues related to agricultural health and safety.

The limitless potential of bioinformatics is being pursued by Prevention Genetics a disease prevention and clinical DNA testing laboratory. They provide sequencing and deletion/duplication tests for clinically relevant genes, including whole exome sequencing testing. And innovative animal health and plant science research is the focus of the University of Wisconsin’s Agricultural Research Station, which devotes more than 1,200 acres to dairy research including heifer growth and management, genomic data implementation, and a deeper understanding of common pathogens.

If your company is exploring new knowledge in the life sciences, using what scientists are learning, or supports today’s research, we’ll be happy to connect you with these innovators.

Post secondary education programs available in medical and life sciences