The Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin has a long history of precision machining and manufacturing, particularly when it comes to specialty work with materials such as stainless steel. That expertise grew from supporting the needs of our state’s thousands of dairy farms, dairy product operations, and breweries … and today, local companies are transferring those skills to the needs of manufacturers, auto component makers, and machining companies.

While we already have a substantial workforce with the skills needed by manufacturers, local education providers are actively working to share those skills with a new generation of residents through K-12 and postsecondary programs in manufacturing, CNC programming and operation, engineering, robotics, welding, and others driven by feedback from local employers.

Our five-county region offers other resources that support the success of local manufacturers. First, there’s our outstanding transportation infrastructure, with efficient highways that put them within a day’s truck drive of much of North America, and rail connectivity that delivers parts and finished products throughout the continent and to Atlantic and Pacific ports. Add in our abundant and affordable utility capacity, which helps manufacturers reduce their production costs and maximize profitability, and you have a combination that increases your company’s opportunities for success.

Plus, we help local manufacturers and metalworking companies build connections through our Supply Chain Marketplace, which provides links with suppliers throughout the Centergy Region. All this and a lifestyle that’s attractive to today’s workers makes our five-county region an outstanding location for today’s innovative, quality-focused manufacturers.

To assist machining companies, the Central Wisconsin Metal Manufacturing Alliance assists in actively building a robust pipeline of people with these skills.

A ready workforce skilled in manufacturing, CNC programming, and robotics